Shield 8.0 Waterproof Black Men's & Women's Public Order Boot

Shield 8.0 Waterproof Black Men's & Women's Public Order Boot
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Your community relies on you, and you rely on your gear. We know what it’s like to have millions of people rely on us every day for their safety. Magnum designs uniform boots that are lightweight, comfortable, and full of features – all to make sure your boots are the last thing on your mind.

The Shield 8.0 WPi, a fit-for-purpose public order boot, has been built to withstand the toughest of urban environments.
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  • The Shield 8.0 WPi’s upper, manufactured from fire retardant leather – coated with a water repellent surface enhancement which repels all forms of liquid, from blood borne pathogens to alcohol, fuel and other flammable substances – and fire retardant laces ensure maximum protection for your feet
  • The slip-resistant sole is both fire retardant and highly durable
  • The M-P.A.C.T. contoured insole with memory foam provides unprecedented support and out-of-the-box comfort allowing you to fully focus on the task at hand
  • 1089g per boot (sample size)
  • The Shield 8.0 WPi is not only tested and certified to European Standard EN 20345 for safety footwear with SRC slip resistance; it has also been tested and certified even further to BS 7971 Protective Clothing and Equipment for use in violent situations (class 2, Level 3)
  • Full European Standard EN 20345 certification: EN ISO 20345 S3 HI CI HRO FRU WR SRC
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Shield 8.0 Waterproof Black Men's & Women's Public Order Boot

Magnums On Steroids

By Phil Lyon on 13/01/2014

The Magnum Shield boots are without doubt the finest, most comfortable boot of any type I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Having a rather wide forefoot (H width on the left and G on the right) and... Read More

Third pair, Best steels i have ever owned!

By Dan on 10/07/2013

I work in a warehouse where no one but me used to wear ppe footwear, But after seeing how these perform i have swayed a few of them into buying into the brand (mainly cobras and spiders which i have... Read More


By Ed on 24/05/2013

I will be truthful - I bought my Shields cos I like their thuggish elegance. I'm not in the services or police, I started wearing my boots at weekends with black jeans but they are so comfortable and look... Read More


By Pete on 06/09/2012

Hey folks, Back with another review of my now favourite Magnum boots. Given the adverse weather an simply horrific working conditions i decided my Shields may be a better, more rugged option that my Elite Force WPI's! I have been walking in... Read More


By Gemma on 05/09/2012

These are the best magnum boots i have ever worn they are good on all terrain and are very supportive and comfortable to wear. In the winter they keep my feet warm and in the Summer they keep my feet... Read More


By Pete on 05/09/2012

Back again folks for another review. I have been really busy. I had the pleasure of wearing my Shield 8.0 WPI boots at a recent exercise. While I had them on, I started to think whether or not my opinions... Read More


By Mike on 05/09/2012

I took the bold step, pardon the pun, of breaking in a new pair of Magnum Shield 8.0 WPI by going in at the deep end right away. The second I laced into them I felt the reassuring snugness of... Read More


By Laura on 05/09/2012

I brought a pair of magnums after a very short speed march ripped my feet to shreds when I was wearing standard issue boots. Have worn magnums ever since and have no problems. I have worn the same pair on... Read More


By Johnathon on 05/09/2012

So, having been successful in my application to join the Public Order Unit i arrived at 0900 hours on day one of the initial training course to be issued my kit bag, within which i found my new boots -... Read More

Good safety boots that have a niche role to which they fit comfortably.

By Greyman on 04/09/2012

These boots sound good on paper but again Magnums seem to be not quite up to scratch. The best way I can describe these boots is as essentially waterproof issue boots. I was not entirely impressed by these bad boys... Read More

Still Breaking In

By Paul Messenger on 23/02/2012

Still breaking in my pair of Sheilds, but so far - so good. A lot heavier than the other Magnums I have owned, but the fit is very comfortable, and they are easy to walkin. More later.