Panther 8.0 Black Men's & Women's Boot

Panther 8.0 Black Men's & Women's Boot
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Your feet are some of the most valuable tools you own. They support your during long, hard days. We’ve always made it our mission here at Magnum to globally engineer footwear built to the highest technical and design standards that will keep your feet in great condition, and this is reflected in our Force collection.

The Panther 8.0 is the ideal boot for security personnel requiring a durable boot to do their job.
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  • The Panther 8.0 upper is manufactured from water-resistant action leather and hard-wearing nylon
  • The moisture wicking lining and removable/replaceable insole offer out-of-the-box everyday comfort all day
  • It also features a high-traction slip-resistant sole
  • 744g per boot (sample size)
  • The Panther 8.0 is tested and certified to European Standard EN 20347 for occupational footwear with SRA slip resistance
  • Full certification: EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA
  • Also available is the Panther 8.0 Side-Zip which has the added benefit of a YKK circular side-zip for quick donning and doffing
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Panther 8.0 Black Men's & Women's Boot


By alex on 13/04/2014

I bought these boots 2 years ago and after the first year of normal use with cadets i found that the mesh had ripped away from the seams this took away any sort of waterproofing that they had witch was... Read More

Don't waste your money

By Kevin on 05/04/2014

Less than three months soles worn and splitting and heels have become very stiff and uncomfortable to walk in would never buy again absolutely disgusted shame on you magnum RESPONSE FROM MAGNUM: Hi Kevin, Really sorry to hear you've exprienced... Read More

Magnum panther poor quality

By Matt on 03/04/2014

Don't believe the hype these boots I've owned less than 3 months and soles have gone soft so you feel every bit of grit you tread on as well as starting to split and in places worn thru the harder... Read More


By M Burt on 30/01/2014

As a former doorman now working as static security, I have seen a lot of guys wearing (and recommending) Magnum boots, so I finally bought a pair only for the heels to take a week to break in and the... Read More

Good for the Price, But Not Up to Usual Magnum Standards.

By Andrew on 11/11/2013

After owning the boots for the last 14months the only faults I have to report with them are noticeably quicker wearing of the soles than other Magnum boots that I have bought in the past- namely the Classic CEN and... Read More

Quick and durable

By Josh on 31/08/2013

I got these boots quite a while back and I have used them for a long time being a Royal Marines cadet I found that these boots did stand up to the tests that I look for In a boot... Read More

A comfortable boot but not as durable as I assumed it would be

By Pete Wood on 09/05/2013

This is the second pair of Magnum Panther's that I had acquired. I say acquired because my first pair of Panther's ripped at the heel where one piece of nylon met another. As an Army Cadet, I had looked after... Read More

good in kosovo...good in italy

By romualdo on 04/03/2013

This is the third pair of shoes Magnum ... I have known in Kosovo in 2004 with the army and the police still use them. comfortable, resistant to cold, but above all also allows you to drive without having trouble... Read More

Great boots at good price

By Carl on 30/10/2012

Just got my first pair of Magnum boots after my British Army assault boots wore out. Got the panther 8.0 size 12 and they feel great. Really comfortable and a good substantial weight to them. The contrast between these boots... Read More

Fraying Nylon Side panels

By Glyn on 12/09/2012

I normally wear Classic CEN's but although they are robust and polish up well even after heavy use they don't hold their shape and the side sole starts coming away from the leather (albeit after 12 months constant use). I... Read More

And another pair hits the dust

By Adam on 12/09/2012

After taking on my new role at a well known supermarket chain, i had decided that using a pair of slip ons with a leather soles wasn't going too work. So I started too take a look around at what... Read More


By Stephen on 12/09/2012

All the rewiews on these boots promised lightweight and comfort, I replaced my tried and trusted SWAT 1150's with these due to the them not being available in the UK any longer. At first they were all that was promised... Read More

Field Testers

By Paul on 12/09/2012

Last weekend we did helvelen in the lakes, there was snow and mud under ( and somtimes over ) foot, yet the panthers did thier job, kept feet warm and dry with no irritations eg rubbing ect.. Excelent over rough... Read More

Winter patrollers

By Liam on 12/09/2012

I try to have separate boots for summer and winter - normally lower, lighter ones for the heat and higher ones for the cold. I picked the Panther as my Classic replacements and thought I would share my experiences. They come in... Read More

Daily use Boot

By Paul on 12/09/2012

I have had these Panthers for 9 months now and they tread is just starting to go. But only on the inside edge of the front half of the sole, that is a result of how I walk, the rest of... Read More

First Pair - Magnum Commands not Panther 8.0

By Lee Bee on 12/09/2012

Got these as my first way into to Magnum boots, always heard great things about them. So on seeing these on special offer i thought id give them a try, had them now about 2 weeks. From first putting them on... Read More

Daily use Boot

By Paul on 12/09/2012

I have had these Panthers for 9 months now and they tread is just starting to go. But only on the inside edge of the front half of the sole, that is a result of how I walk, the rest of... Read More


By Graeme on 12/09/2012

I have had magnum boots for the last 11years and bought these and they are really comfortable and are perfect for what I do within St John Ambulance and I would recommend them to any one


By Chris on 10/09/2012

Great boots straight of the box! With more traditional safety boots there's an element of having to 'break' them in but not with Magnum boots, they are good to go from day one and only get better. Working in harsh conditions... Read More

very disappointing

By Janca on 09/09/2012

I must say. these boots are not the best I have ever bought. I bought pair in October 2011 and only after a month the stitching between leather and fabric started to tear, I got very quick replacement, but unfortunately... Read More

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