Wellbeing in the workplace – the nurse summer survival guide

We all know how hard it is to find time during a busy shift for a cuppa, let alone when it’s mid 20s outside and all you want to do is fan yourself with a magazine or stick your head in the fridge. We appreciate the demand and pressure nurses have to perform to the best of their ability each day, even when nurses aren’t feeling their best self. So here’s some handy tips for nurses to stick to this summer, which should help beat long shifts in the heat.

• Try and carry a bottle with you where you can, or make sure you take quick sips when you’re zipping past your nurses work station. It’s important to keep hydrated!

• Cold water on certain points of the body is a great way of keeping cool. If you can pop to the loo, just run your wrists under cold water, it’s a great way of cooling down!

• If you do have time for that cheeky cup of tea, try chamomile tea, it’s very relaxing and is said to have cooling qualities and even if you don’t have the chance to drink it when it’s warm, it’s lovely and refreshing cold.

• Deep breathing can be soothing and cooling. When you’re rushing around the ward, try and take deep breaths.

• Aloe vera is a fantastic moisturiser and helps to skin cool skin, try using an aloe vera after sun each morning and night.

• Light clothing, although this is slightly harder, because of nurses uniform requirements, nurses can control their shoes. Try the new Magnum healthcare and nurse range of lightweight breathable shoes.

• If you have ice available, breathing into a cup of ice is instantly cooling and great for a quick fix.

• Avoid fizzy drinks and caffeine, although we know how temping it is when the early morning kicks in to reach for the coffee, this will not help you in the heat as it may increase your body temperature.

Wellbeing in the workplace is extremely important and by following these simple quick fix tips for summer heat, it will make the workplace more enjoyable so you can perform to the best of your ability. We spend a lot of time taking advice and care from nurses and we want to return the favour by promoting wellbeing in the workplace, to help nurses find small parts in the day to make sure they are looking after themselves as well as everybody else.

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