At Magnum, we like to hear what YOU think we can do better. We've listened to your feedback and made some small but very important changes to the website.


The purpose of our product filters is to help you find the exact product to match your requirements. We've listened to your feedback and what you told us was that the filters didn't allow you to drill down to exactly which boot had the features you were after.

As a result we've changed the way the filters work, so you can select multiple features that you want your boots to have. So for example, you can now search for all boots that have a side zipper, are waterproof and have a Vibram sole! We hope this will help you find what your looking for! Try it out here

360 preloader

Many of you have commented that the 360's of the boots on the product pages didn't indicate how long they had left to load, so we've added a preloader to make this nice and clear for you. Check out the 360 of our Spider 8.1 Multicam boots here


We've updated the dashboard so you can quickly select whether you want to leave a text review, image or a video! Many of you commented that this wasn't very obvious, so hopefully this will help! Log in to check out the new dashboard!


We've added the rating next to the review title, so you can instantly see what that reviewer has given the boot, without having to go into the full review. We hope this will help you to delve into the reviews that you think will be of interest. Check out the Scorpion reviews here!

If you have any other feedback on how you think we can improve the website, please get in touch!