Understanding your Magnum Stealth Force boots

The Stealth Force uniform safety boots (Stealth Force 6.0/8.0 Leather Composite Toe, Composite Plate EN) have been Magnum best sellers and amongst the most popular of the Magnum styles for many years, announced as the number 1 selling uniform boot in the world in 2006. The Stealth Force uniform boot has grown to become a reliant solider in the workplace, protecting feet against workplace dangers. The Stealth Force boot is popular amongst the emergency services, law enforcement and security personnel, a serious safety boot, complete with composite toe and plate and water resistant full grain leather upper.

The Stealth Force uniform boots are crammed full of technology, innovative materials and quality details that can be overwhelming, so we’ve created some fantastic tools to help explain why every element and feature of the Stealth boot contributes to a high performance safety shoe. Here are 9 reasons why the Stealth Force collection is essential equipment and why it’s worth investing in a pair to ensure your workplace safety.

We’ve also put together a handy outsole guide showing each feature of the X-Traction Zone outsole and how they contribute towards making an outsole which is stable, flexible and slip resistant to keep you safe at work.

As you can see, a lot of research, work and testing goes into the structure, design and build of the Stealth Force collection, with employees in various workplaces thrilled about the performance of their Magnum Stealth Force uniform boots saying,

“I work for the emergency services and cover every type of surface possible in all conditions… the boots are comfy and with a good polish when needed these boots really are the best.”

“I work partly in a showroom and partly in a warehouse. These boots offer me the best of both worlds. They look smart, clean and tidy for the showroom side of the job but are robust enough to handle all the hazards the warehouse can throw at them. They are so light compared to most of the other work boots on the market, you forget you are wearing boots.”

“Working as a tow truck/wrecker driver and used a lot boots in the past, most of them couldn't take the abuse. Since a few months I have the Stealth Force 8.0 leather, and what a great boot this is! Very comfortable, sometimes wear them for 24 hours in long shifts, and your feet don't get tired. Also a perfect boot on slippery surfaces, like a deck with oil, they hold on very good. Keeps feet dry when it's raining, I will never buy any other boot then Magnum again!”

Magnum pay high attention to detail and after listening to our customers that wear the Stealth Force every day in hazardous and demanding environments, we are thrilled to announce that the Stealth Force collection will soon be available with an additional feature – a toe bumper. The toe bumper has been added to prevent the wearing and tearing of the toe. This will protect the toe against scuffs, scraps and any additional damage when used on rough terrain and in a tough environment.

The Stealth Force 6.0/8.0 Leather Composite Toe Composite Plate EN Side zip with toe bumper will be launching this Spring.