Time to get official - Magnum bestseller now available in Military Brown

Introducing the new Magnum brown combat boots collection. Magnum have launched a new collection of brown boots in the official Ministry of Defence brown colour way, suitable for cadets and military personnel.

Magnum have released the bestselling Magnum combat boots in the military brown colour way to match the Multi Terrain Pattern uniform that has been supplied to the military. These Magnum bestsellers are the Panther 8.0, Magnum Classic and coming soon... the Viper Pro 8.0.

These new brown boots are ideal for military personnel who need to conform to the new uniform colour way and any cadets that are looking for an affordable, high performing, durable boot that matches the MOD specifications.

Magnum are delighted to supply these brown boots and show our support for the military personnel that will need to purchase affordable and high quality brown specific boots.