Say hello to Anna, Magnum ‘On the Roader’!

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Magnum has some great fans, and we love getting to know you all better on Facebook and sharing your reviews and stories in our newsletter. But what you may not know is that, behind the scenes, Magnum also has a amazing team of staff (even if we do say so ourselves!). So great in fact, that we’ve decided to start introducing them to you all! In our first installment, we catch up with Anna Havlin, one of our Magnum Key Accounts Managers…

1. What’s your average working day?

Each day is different when you’re on the road and a sales rep – all depends on the dreaded traffic!! I work to a monthly cycle of seeing customers [that’s retailers to our fans at home!]. I tend to wake early and answer emails that perhaps I haven’t had chance to the previous day, and then get on the road visiting my customers. There we discuss monthly sales figures, ideas on how to push Magnum further, iron out any issues they have and or returns that need looking at and if they need any immediate top ups on product - an overall catch up with of course a brew or coffee! In between calls if I have time, I will try and answer emails that have come through that day to keep on top of them.

I like to visit the office at least a few times a month to catch up with everyone there, such as order books with Victoria, marketing with Laura and accounts/credit issues with Craig.

2. Which product is most well received at the moment?

The Viper Pro has really started to take off but the Panthers are always most popular – it comes down to price at the end of the day.

3. Any new products on the way that you’re excited about?

I am really keen for the Healthcare & Service range and Work range to come in next year. I am already looking and meeting with potential new customers for these ranges, it is where the growth will come from for Magnum.

4. Do you find it challenging being a woman pushing predominantly male products in a predominantly male audience?

Not particularly, as long as you know what you’re talking about then there are no issues. The male ‘Banter’ can be tricky at times but having worked in this industry for 9 years now you get used to that - and being a woman can work in your favour too!

5. Where would you like to see the Magnum brand go in the future?

I really want to see the Healthcare & Service and Work range take off and do well in accounts like Screw Fix (who we are now supplying through our customer Footsure), Machine Mart, Parkers and such accounts. Landing such accounts would make a significant impact on the business.

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