Review: Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 EN boots


Magnum fan Rich Clewes recently won a Magnum UK Facebook competition to win a pair of the Viper Pro 8.0 EN boots. After trialling the boots through various terrains and conditions, Rich reports back with his feedback on the Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 EN boots.

“I recently won a competition on magnums facebook, to win a pair of viper 8.0 boots. Now i gotta say these boots are the lightest pair of boots i have ever worn. Compared to my other pair of magnums..(elite 2's) they are so much lighter. This is down to the ballistic nylon panels which make these boots amazingly breathable, and help make the boots light also.

I get no heel rub, and they feel like they mould to your feet:) the only qualm i have is that they pinch my little toe on the right hand boot only slightly. But thinner insoles will fix this i think.

They are not waterproof but they stand up to a fair amount of drenching. I ran the tap over the nylon panel for 2 minutes and it didnt leak:) all in all these are a perfect dry weather summer boot. I will use these in spring and summer now, and my elite 2 waterproof boots in autumn and winter:).

I highly recommend these boots to people who are gona be doing a lot of walking.. And they feel especially suited to walking on concrete, Tarmac.. Any hard urban floors really. But feel good off-road in muddy fields also:) But i can see these boots being most suited to people working in urban environments.. Police, paramedics, security guards etc.. Just because of the great shock absorbion properties of these boots.. Compared to my elite 2's they are much better on Tarmac. Not to say the elite 2's are bad. But the vipers are noticeably better.

Get yourself a pair and you wont regret it:) Thanks a lot magnum and keep up the good work."

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