REVIEW: Magnum Uniform Service Trainer

"Extremely versatile all round performer with secret weapons over its closest rivals."

Chris Norgate, a Crew Manager from White Watch Southsea Fire Station has reviewed a pair of the men's M.U.S.T Magnum footwear. Here's what Chris thinks of the service trainers and why they go hand in hand with his job and being a parent.

These trainers performed exceptionally in a variety of situations from distance road running, cross country, gym work (weights and resistance) and outdoor sports (tennis, football and assault course).

There is a good level of foot support, especially useful over gravel or loose surfaces and a very usable grip on contact with the surface I was running on.  With very little internal movement (we've all had badly fitting trainers that let our heels twist or slip).  This gave me confidence to put a little more effort into tight corners and evading hazards such as pot holes and mud on the cross country course.

Straight out of the box I was unsure what to do with them, but my children solved that by dragging me to the park.  Chasing games with toddlers to teenagers was probably the best initial test any trainer can be put through, very dynamic surfaces and direction changes were needed to keep up with the younger members of my family and I found the M.U.S.T could manoeuvre and grip as well as a much more expensive pair of training shoes I have.  The best feature is the toe grip (something that was essential when I was buying boots for Operational Personnel to attend specialist incidents) I could easily jump up obstacles and scale trees with the toe grip.

On a tennis court I could push my heel in and change direction rapidly (I lost the game, but this has nothing to do with the shoes) and kicking a ball around I saw similar results, although I must add the heel support meant that I felt in control of all my movements much better than my usual training shoes at roughly the same price.

Running saw my only disappointment, in such that after the first 40 minutes I had a build-up of pins and needles in both my feet which eased when I loosened the laces, although this did mean a drop in security of foot placement within the shoe.  I have played around with the laces and by loosening the toe end and tightening the top I seem to have found a running fit that is a good compromise.

Running cross country was very easy, and even through running water I felt in control of my foot positioning.  I did get a very wet left foot, but a relatively dry right while doing this.

For training, I can’t fault this shoe.  Image means little to me, its performance that I look for, and in a previous role I purchased a large order of magnum boots after testing very extensively several makes and models from a variety of manufacturers, I am very pleased that the positives from the main boot range have carried across to the training footwear range.   A very robust construction with high quality materials means this is a shoe that will last and perform consistently over time (I will try to update this review in six months and further if required).  The anti-bacterial inner should reduce any training shoe smells and from what I have seen in the past of usual training shoes issued to armed and uniformed services, this is amongst the top of the pile.  The colour and design do lead to this area, they look tactical and offer no shine or draw attention to the wearer.  How this will be seen by the bright image conscious parts of the public I am not sure, but I would be very happy to wear them in group training or out in the public.

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