Review: Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 CT CP SZ Waterproof Boots

The Magnum Stealth Force is a brilliantly lightweight and durable boot. It is up to scratch with European Safety Standards and is fully equipped with reinforcement features to ensure reliability in the workplace. Magnum has teamed up with the UK Preppers Guide to hear what they think of the Stealth Force 8.0!

In this review I am testing a pair of Stealth Force 8 boots from Magnum. They are the side zip version of these boots and feature the cleaver YKK side zipper – Magnum also make these in a non zipped boot

In this review I take the boots through a full test, especially testing out their waterproof qualities

The slip on – slip off, feature is something I like about these boots, and it really does save you time and effect.

Technical Stuff

This is pretty much straight from the Magnum website  - as they know how the boot is really made..!

- Available in UK size 4 – 13

- YKK circular side-zip for quick donning and doffing

- Natural Leather upper section – coated with water repellent surface enhancement

- Protective composite toecap

- Protective sole plate

- Comfortable suede ankle collar

- High traction oil resistant carbon rubber sole

- M-P.A.C.T Memory foam insole

- Scanner safe hardware

- Tested and certified to European Standard EN 20345

- Agion antibacterial treated

Non technical stuff – Just my opinion…..

These Stealth Force 8′s side zips are, without doubt, a very stylish, good looking, tactical boot. There styling means they will look good in the field and walking down the street.

Considering they are a full on safety boot, they are very well styled, and look, every part, a tactical boot. They weigh in as one of the heavier boot that Magnum produce, however, that little bit of extra weight, and I am only talking a few grams, is hardly noticeable and they still weigh in at a mere 760 grams. – that's next to nothing.

In my video test and review they are taken through their paces, although the video action is only a few minutes, the boots were used all day.

As you will see they performed very well – I could not find any faults with the boots and they definitely live up to Magnums promises - If I had to be really picky, there are two additions I would like to see on these boots – a pull loop to help when putting on and a lace store to clip the ends of your laces – but that's just me being very picky.

Want to see the full technical review and the field test.? – take a look at my video and see what happens.

In conclusion -

Do they work in the field.?

As you have seen in the video – the answer is definitely a great big yes – I couldn’t fault their performance in any way. Totally waterproof, comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

Overall, a great pair of tactical ‘safety’ boots – highly recommended.

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For more information on the Magnum footwear or to purchase a pair of Stealth Force find them on