Review: Magnum Classic boots

Last month, we offered one lucky Magnum Facebook fan the chance to review a pair of the new Magnum Classic boots. Over 200 people ‘applied’ with some amazing responses as to why we should choose them. Eventually, we narrowed it down and Gary Drury was announced as our ‘chosen one’.

About Gary

Gary told us that he works as a nursing assistant in a busy hospital. He’s also a Community First Responder for the East of England Ambulance Service AND a First Aider for St. John’s Ambulance where he does a lot of foot patrols.

With three jobs that require a lot of rushing around on his feet, Gary was the ideal guy to put our boots through their paces. We also threw in a pair of our extremely popular MX-3 Crew Socks for him to review too.

Here’s what he thought…

Gary’s First Impressions

“Very quickly delivery and what better but excellent packaging! Very neat and tidy just so it should be very professional.

Unboxing: Again neat and tidy no damage rips or tears to box but smoke passing from out under the box! Opening the box a dazzling back-draft of some gorgeous Magnum classic boots! Very well designed and a lot of consideration has been put into this particular boot how it's been designed.

Wearing the boots: Easily slip into and slip out after a 12 hour shift at work having walked approximately 20 miles in one day. Very comfortable indeed very well padded all areas really inside the boot. I've worn [another well-known brand] boots at A&E for work and have to say doing a long day 12 hour your feet start to ache hurt and generally give up. I find wearing these magnum classic boots you don't really get the effects like you do with [those] boots as above. The magnum classics let you carry on without any problems - no sore feet, no aches, just gives you more and more to keep going on and on and on!”

Here’s Gary’s unboxing video:

Gary’s Full Review of the Magnum Classic

“So I've had these magnum classic boots for a couple of weeks now. I have been on my feet, since I received them, I work in A&E, community first responder and also volunteer for St John ambulance and so what with my job I also work outdoors in alI weather conditions.

I find these are the most comfortable and warm boots I've ever had, very breathable too I find! I've worn this walking home recently in pouring down rain my feet were dry as a bone, I had lovely dry feet even better warm too I hate having cold wet feet, but these boots didn't spoil that for me. So far through that I'm very surprised. They have proven to be warm and waterproof!? [please note that Magnum do not advertise the Magnum Classic boots as waterproof. It’s great to hear that Gary has found they keep his feet dry, but the style has not had any waterproofing treatment and we therefore cannot guarantee that all customers will find these boots to be waterproof]. I haven't had them leak yet, amen they don't either anytime soon!

Quick add-on regards with my [MX-3 Crew] thermal socks are keeping me warm too, very comfy. These are not just any old socks, you wear these socks sometimes you don't even feel yourself wearing the boots. It's off and strange to put into text, you have to wear them to understand what I'm saying. I just feel like I’m showing off when I rock these boots at work, they really are that good. They’re smart looking, simple, comfy Magnum boots, made to look smart and not for the faint hearted!

I was crewing on an ambulance 14th August 2014 all day and boy had to do some walking here and there. We went to an RTC up and down very steep slopes etc, yet these boots are comfy and they can also take a good beating, my last boots lasted just 3 months but these are still like new after 2 weeks with defects to toe cap. I'd recommend these to anyone who is on their feet all day long”

Huge thanks to Gary for the full and thorough review, photos and video! If you’d like a chance to review a pair of Magnum boots, keep in touch with us on Facebook and via email (sign up be entering your email address in the grey box at the bottom right of this page) where we post opportunities for reviewers, along with competitions and more.

Take a look at the Magnum Classic boots and buy now for just £79.99 here.