Review: Airsoft Operator Tries The Mach II 8.0

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Magnum has been producing lightweight, high performance uniform footwear for 30 years. If you’re a uniformed athlete or indeed your average Airsofter wanting an agile boot that won’t let you down, the lighter and faster Mach II 8.0 might very well be the boot for you!

The Mach 2 8.0 is a brand new, high performance boot, built like a running shoe and is currently the lightest tactical boot on the market, weighing in at a featherweight 367g per boot – the same as a can of coke!

Think about it, the average leather boot with rubber sole will weigh in at around 0.8kg-1kg each. The Mach II 8.0s weigh .6kg less – that’s potentially 60% less than your average boot per foot.

The best way I can explain it; is that it genuinely feels like a high performance running trainer, not that I do a great deal of it mind, but it still has the ankle support you’d expect from a boot. Usually with hybrid products such as these there are always trade-offs but I genuinely cannot find any – They really are quite fantastic.

Magnum Mach II

What makes them different?

They are made with a heavy-duty nylon and polishable, microfiber upper, which is THREE times stronger than natural leather and unbelievably scratch and scuff proof which is a huge bonus. They’ve also proven to be a breeze to clean compared to my leather boots and I am the worst for cleaning my boots straight after I have used them so it has helped that it’s less of a chore.

I have been wearing these boots a lot lately and I know that they will deal with a lot of demanding conditions partly down to its high-traction, Vibram® sole which is based on a trail running sole and is dubbed to be perfect for high speed grip. The sole is purpose designed to absorb impact too which means more larking about can be had and those leaps, jumps and backflips won’t stress your joints as much!

Mach II sole

A little feature that I really liked was the stretch material at the top, back of the boot – simply put it allows you that wiggle room for your heel to enter the boot which means skinning your fingers or using a shoe horn is a thing of the past!

In terms of the fit, they are narrower than your average so if you have wide flipper feet like myself it makes sense to go a size up. I did also want to mention that I have really high arched feet which means all of my weight is spread between the front, back and outer sides of my foot – I’ve just find that my feet get tired quicker than usual with things that don’t support my feet well however I made point of wearing these boots constantly all day and I didn’t have a single issue. So, in terms of support and comfort they really are great and as I have found; are perfect for Airsofting!

You may very well be aware that throughout history we as consumers have had to pay more for ingenuity and especially lighter items – well not with Magnum as these boots are comparatively cheap to some of their ranges. These boots are retailing at £94.99 direct from Magnum and considering they are £40 cheaper than the Blackhawk equivalents it must really hurt to know they are 50% lighter.

Buy yours online today in Black, SageDesert Tan or with a lower 5 inch heel.