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  • Magnum supports Blue Light Card


    Magnum are pleased to support Blue Light Card, a website that is dedicated to offering incredible discounts to members of the Emergency Services and NHS, working with Trusts and Services directly.
    There are two parts to Blue Light Card. The first is a free online membership where eligible Emergency Services employees can join to gain discounts [...]

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  • Time to get official - Magnum bestseller now available in Military Brown


    Introducing the new Magnum brown combat boots collection. Magnum have launched a new collection of brown boots in the official Ministry of Defence brown colour way, suitable for cadets and military personnel.
    Magnum have released the bestselling Magnum combat boots in the military brown colour way to match the Multi Terrain Pattern uniform that has been [...]

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  • How to take care of your Magnum Boots


    Taking care of your work boots is essential for them to function well in your everyday job role. It’s important to keep boots clean and tidy so they remain durable and long-lasting. Your boots go through a lot in one day whether they come up against the pouring rain, sweltering heat, harsh cold or thick [...]

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  • Say hello to Laura, Magnum Marketing Manager!


    This month we catch up with Laura, Magnum's Marketing Manager.
    1) What’s your average working day?
    Being responsible for marketing a global brand and collection of products within the UK is an awesome job and no day is ever the same.  On any given day I could be briefing in exciting new advertising creative, negotiating exhibition stands [...]

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  • Magnum awards three biggest fans with personalised dog tags


    Magnum has rewarded its three biggest fans today with personalised dog tags. The tags include their name and a discount code for 35% off Magnum products until January 2016!
    This is the highest discount available to any Magnum customer, and the code on each dog tag is unique and personalised for the fan. It’s just our little [...]

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  • Magnum Supports Max Adventure Vivaro Siberia Challenge in support of Help for Heroes


    In July the Max Adventure team set out alongside 3 injured servicemen in 3 all-new Vauxhall Vivaros in an attempt to conquer a 12,000 mile expedition across Europe, Turkey, the ‘Stans’, Mongolia and Siberia to be completed in just 2 months!
    The team needed reliable, durable and comfortable boots to make this happen and so came [...]

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  • The Magnum 'Save the Rhino' Shoe Tag


    In 2013, South African ANC MP, Nic Koornhof, and Hi-Tec Sports World Wide Chairman, Frank van Wezel, met through a mutual friend.
    It is well known that the plight of the much-loved Rhino in Africa has reached a critical point. According to WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) 233 Rhinos have been poached in [...]

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  • Stay dry with Magnum waterproof boots this autumn and winter


    It’s important to invest in a good pair of waterproof boots to use in the workplace, especially as summer draws to a close and thick grey clouds loom. It’s vital that feet are kept warm and dry through the drizzling cold autumn and winter months so you can stay focused on the job in hand [...]

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  • Review: Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 EN boots



    Magnum fan Rich Clewes recently won a Magnum UK Facebook competition to win a pair of the Viper Pro 8.0 EN boots. After trialling the boots through various terrains and conditions, Rich reports back with his feedback on the Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 EN boots.
    “I recently won a competition on magnums facebook, to win a [...]

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  • Review: Magnum Classic boots


    Last month, we offered one lucky Magnum Facebook fan the chance to review a pair of the new Magnum Classic boots. Over 200 people ‘applied’ with some amazing responses as to why we should choose them. Eventually, we narrowed it down and Gary Drury was announced as our ‘chosen one’.
    About Gary
    Gary told us that he [...]

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