Magnum Supports Max Adventure Vivaro Siberia Challenge in support of Help for Heroes

In July the Max Adventure team set out alongside 3 injured servicemen in 3 all-new Vauxhall Vivaros in an attempt to conquer a 12,000 mile expedition across Europe, Turkey, the ‘Stans’, Mongolia and Siberia to be completed in just 2 months!

The team needed reliable, durable and comfortable boots to make this happen and so came to Magnum for footwear to kit out the team. Due to the change in temperature and conditions that the team would endure, we suggested the Mach II in brown. The Mach II is a wonderfully lightweight boot that performs extremely well in the harsh desert climates as well as remaining durable and functional throughout the heavy mud and varied terrain.

The team returned victorious after their 2 month epic adventure. The small team included three military veterans and members from the Max Adventure team. This astonishing challenge saw the veterans overcome extensive trials and successfully complete the challenge. The team were thrilled with the boots that performed highly throughout the expedition in the extreme heat and muggy conditions and blogged daily about their exciting discoveries, adventures and traumas in tackling this difficult expedition.

To find out more about Max Adventure and the Vauxhall Siberia Challenge in support of Help for Heroes check out their blog