MAGNUM Showcase New Range at Defence Exhibition

Magnum Boots are showcasing their new range of military boots at the Defence & Security International (DSEi), the world’s leading defence and security exhibition this week. Magnum are displaying their MultiCam range, where every boot detail has been tailored to integrate camouflage design and meet real demands of real soldiers.

MultiCam: Giving you the edge

Magnum’s MultiCam range was officially unveiled in Las Vegas earlier this year and has already generated quite a buzz in both the defence and security industries. Of particular interest are the Sidewinder HPi and the Spider 8.1 HPi. These boots have been tested for two years by Special Forces units from the US, UK and the Southern Hemisphere.

Responding directly to feedback from those in the field, Magnum has created the highest specification of military boots available on the military clothing and equipment market today.

Magnum Boots team have given the boot attention in minute detail and every aspect of the boot uses a camouflage pattern, from the outsoles, to the lace eyelets, to the Magnum logo.

Magnum president Paul Brooks said:

"The Magnum Sidewinder MultiCam was developed from an ever increasing demand by special operators needing to blend more completely with their surroundings.

“Single colour footwear stands out more against the background.” He went on to explain that MultiCam provides a “ solution providing the operator with a great level of security."

A Global Event

DSEi is the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition. The event features over 1,000 exhibitors from 98 companies, presenting to an audience of over 25,000 people.

Magnum Boots’ spokeswoman Laura Greenaway said:

“We’re excited to be showcasing the MultiCam boot range at DSEi 2011. As well as showing off our new range, it’s an opportunity for us to view the latest equipment and systems across the entire defence and security industry.”

Defence & Security Equipment International 2011 is taking place this week, from today until Friday, at the ExCel conference centre in London.