Here at the PatrolStore Police Shop we want you to get the best out of your Magnum Tactical Boots and to ensure they last as long as possible it is important to follow a rigorous care and maintenance regime.  Whether you have Magnum Police, Military or Army Boots certain techniques are always applicable to proper boot care.

Dirty Boots

Dirt, mud, oil, sand, chemicals or animal waste are all corrosive to some degree and will damage the exterior of your boots if left un attended.  Wipe clean any surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any visible dirt.  Whilst mild detergents may help remove stubborn or oily stains bear in mind detergents can affect any water resistant finishes that your footwear may have been treated with and so should be avoided if possible.  If it is not possible you will need to re apply a suitable after market water resistant treatment.

To really get the sole tread clean you can scrub the underside of your boots with an old toothbrush.

Wet Boots

If your boots are wet as a result of rain water, puddles, river crossings or even just washing then dry them out as soon as possible by stuffing them with balled up newspaper and leaving them in a warm well ventilated environment.  Do not tumble dry your boots, or leave them on top of a radiator, boiler or furnace etc. where the temperature is excessively hot as this will over dry the leather too quickly causing it to become brittle and may also damage any water proof membranes.  Bear in mind that boots with a waterproof membrane will take longer to dry out than boots without!


Polishing your boots is not just to make them look good for parade (or a professional look while on duty) as a good quality polish also nourishes the leather and improves water resistance.

Apply the polish with a brush generously coated in polish and rubed firmly into the leather, then using a second brush “Buff” off the polish to a shiny finish.  If you like you can then go over the boots with a polishing cloth for an extra shine.

Do not polish any material sections of your boots, this will clog any breathability and the resulting “Caking” effect will not give a particularly presentable finish to the boots.

Expert opinion from leading manufacturers say that boots with breathable waterproof membranes should not be polishes as this will inhibit the breathability of the boots.  This is less of a concern with non-membrane boots which are naturally more breathable and less water resistant.


There are a number of treatments available that can be used to provide a water resistant outer layer to your boots.  This can be used to maximise the water resistance of a non-waterproof boot, or enhance the effectiveness of a waterproof boot.  (Boots with a waterproof membrane can suffer from “Wet Out”, when the outer material becomes so water saturated that the water vapour from inside can no longer evaporate through to the outside, resulting in condensation of moisture inside the boots)

The traditional option is to apply a wax based finish and this is still a suitable for all leather boots, however waxing is not recommended for use on any material or suede.  A more modern solution is a range of sprays or foams which have entered the market recently which are suitable for use on all materials including, leather, action leather, Cordura, nylon or polyester and even suede.

With both waterproofing treatments and polishes it is important to make sure the boots are clean and dry before application.

SOURCE: Patrol Store