Global footwear manufacturer and proud British company Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd, and its uniform footwear brand Magnum, are pleased to announce their biggest ever tender win in the company’s history.  Over the next four years, both brands will be the official suppliers of both outdoor and indoor training footwear to the British MOD.

Utilising a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, the Magnum UST, and the Hi-Tec Viper push the extremes of technological advancement.   Designed to be solid and robust, whilst remaining lightweight, comfortable and functional; Magnum and Hi-Tec are now able to offer the British Army two hugely versatile training shoes.

This is the company’s first ever contract direct with the MOD and has resulted in both products gaining a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) stock number.  This will allow the company to sell the products to any of the other 28 independent countries who are members of the NATO Alliance.

This is just the latest in a series of success stories for the company.

Late last year, under the parent company Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd, Magnum also won a slice of the MOD’s £80million contract to kit out British troops with five styles of state-of-the-art combat boots to meet the demands of different types of operation.  The proud British brand won the tender alongside various other companies to become official supplier of a Lightweight Patrol boot in the new brown colour to the British Army for the next four years.

Furthermore, the beginning of 2013 saw Magnum secure a contract to supply heavy duty combat boots for the Danish Military.

Magnum intend to commercialise both the Magnum UST and the Magnum Scorpion in brown, both of which will be available to buy later this year.

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