Gladi8or – Will You Rise To The Challenge?

Gladi8or Event - 8 miles of extreme endurance

There is a growing trend in the UK for endurance style cross country obstacle courses, where participants test their mettle, both physically and mentally.  Back in June we brought you details of the Tough Mudder events, which are being held at various locations throughout the year.  Now we have some information for you on a new event, called Gladi8or.

The first Gladi8or challenge is due to take place in Thetford Forest on 22nd February 2014.  Participants will be tasked with completing the 8 mile cross country course, which includes river and woodland sections.  Along the way they will be faced with a series of obstacles with live electrical wires dangling overhead, huge hay bale stacks and water plunges.

Although all entrants will be provided with an official completion time, the event is more geared towards participants striving to achieve a personal goal, rather than racing against each other.  In order to open the event up to entrants of all fitness levels, organisers have designed the course so that obstacles can be skipped.  The Gladi8or strapline is ‘Rise to the Challenge’ and participants are encouraged to set their own challenge, whether that includes all, some or none of the obstacles.

The move has been well received and the Gladi8or team are reporting applications from entrants with a broad spectrum of disabilities and conditions.  There are an especially high number of entrants who are recovering from heart problems, due to Gladi8or being a proud supporter of the British Heart Foundation.

If you fancy putting yourself to the test over the 8 mile course, you can find more details at the official Gladi8or site.  There is also advice for anyone wishing to attend as a spectator, or offer their help as a volunteer.  Our very own Sales Director, Glen Richards, will be attending the event as a volunteer.  To show our support, we are also offering a 25% discount to workers and volunteers at the Galdi8or event.  The discount code will be provided by the organisers as and when volunteers sign-up to help out.

Although the Gladi8or challenge in February is the first of its kind, there are additional dates planned.  The second event is due to be held in the Swindon area around September/October 2014, although the exact venue has not yet been decided on.  Then, in November 2014, a third event is to be held back at the original location of Thetford Forest.

Keep up to date with any developments on the official Gladi8or Facebook page and Twitter account.