First Impressions - Stealth Force 6.0 CT CP Waterproof Boots

Magnum are excited to team up with blogger Terri, a devoted mother and wife to see what her husband thinks of the Stealth Force 6.0. Terri's husband will be trialing the boots as he works as a mechanic and must wear safety boots for up to 12 hours a day! Here's a snippet of their first impressions of the boot, with the full review to follow.

“From the moment we opened the box I could see the difference in quality of my husband’s current safety boots and the Stealth Force boots.  I was surprised how lightweight they are for a big safety boot.  Usually by husband’s boots are hard and clumpy but these feel lighter than my ordinary hiking boots!  This is because the Stealth Force boots don’t have an ordinary steel toe cap, infact they don’t have any sort of a steel toe!  These boots feature an amazing non-metallic toe made from composite plastic which is just as strong as steel, but enables the Stealth Force boots to be lightweight and scanner safe, ideal for military, law enforcement, medical, airport security… and even plain old mechanics and other tradesmen!”

To read Terri's first impressions and see her pictures of the Stealth Force 6.0, check out her blog

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