EMS 2009

The EMS Show has been running since 2006 and it is an opportunity for the emergency services sector and equipment suppliers to come together and share their experiences and working practices. It also gives the industry leading manufacturers and suppliers an opportunity to interact face to face with end users
Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, unforeseen emergencies, rescue operations at sea and on land and the potential swine flu pandemic all highlight the need for emergency service organizations and agencies to work closely to ensure a co-ordinated and effective response. Emergency Services Show 2009 is the one UK event which can help facilitate this, providing all organisations involved in emergencies with access to cutting edge technology and an opportunity to network with like minded professionals.

On the first day they had 1000 more compared to 2008, which is a great turn out. An example of suppliers exhibiting at the show where:- Gore, Goliath Footwear, HAIX-Schuhe, Niton Equipment Ltd, SP Services Ltd, Bound Tree Medical, and many more specialist medical equipment companies like Laerdal Medical Ltd and Lion Apparel Systems, overall roughly 400 suppliers exhibited at the show, that is about 100 more suppliers compared to last year.

This was the event is key for those with a role in operations, procurement, training, recruitment and emergency planning within:

• Police

• Fire & Rescue Services

• Ambulance Services

• Maritime and Coastguard Agency

• MoD • NGOs and the Voluntary sector

• Local Government Authorities

• Local/Regional Resilience Teams

• Utility Operators

• Transport including Airports and Port Authorities

• Government Agencies

• Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts

• Commercial Businesses

• Embassies