When it comes to purchasing a new pair of Magnum boots, no matter what you need them for or what you need them to do, nothing is more important than making sure you have the right size!

There are a few basic tests you can do when trying on a new pair of boots which should allow you check you have the right size without voiding your right to return the goods to the seller.  It is no good giving the boots a proper field test by thrashing them on a shift because under Distance Selling Regulations you have a duty to take reasonable care of the goods in your possession if you want to return them.

The first test we here at Patrol Store like to do is put both boots on (with the kind of socks you would expect to be wearing on duty) and lace them up as you would for normal use. Then in your house walk up and down the stairs a couple of times.  If you feel your toes touch the end of the boots then they are too small and you will need the next size up, if your heel comes up off the footbed and you feel the back of the heel slide against the back of the boot then the boots are too big and you need the next a size down.

If the “stair test” is inconclusive and you are still unsure of what size you need then there is a second test that is commonly used.  First off loosen the laces so that you can push your foot forward so that your toes touch the front of the boot (they should just touch the front of the boot, not be bunched up or under pressure) then slide a finger down the back of your heel.  You should just be able to touch the footbed.  If your finger wont go all the way down then the boots are probably a size too small, if you have more than a fingers width of room then chances are the boots are a size too big.

If you find you are between sizes, say a size 9 is too small and a size 10 is too big, then you can fit an extra thick insole like the Magnum M-P.A.C.T insole with memory foam.  This is slightly thicker than the normal footbed and will just make the boot fit a little tighter without going down a whole boot size.

SOURCE: Patrol Store