In response to the introduction of the MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) camouflage uniform, and following in the footsteps of the US Army, the UK MOD (incorporating the British army, Navy and Air Force) have taken the bold decision to introduce brown combat boots for all Armed Forces personnel.

From Spring 2013, all Service personnel will receive a new range of brown combat boots to replace the black and desert combat footwear they currently wear.

The Magnum Lightweight Patrol Boot, which is based on the Magnum Scorpion (a popular choice of footwear since 2009), has been chosen as one of two boots in the Lightweight Patrol category, which will be worn by mounted troops in temperate climates.

Magnum Lightweight Patrol Boot, based on the Magnum Scorpion

Magnum Lightweight Patrol Boot, based on the Magnum Scorpion

The upper, manufactured from suede and 1150 denier nylon, has a Breathe Right™ lining to ensure breathability and comfort.  It features a speed lacing system for ultra-quick donning and doffing and will maintain a good fit to keep the foot secure.  Ergonomically designed, this boot also utilises Agion™ Antibacterial Treatment, which is inhibits the growth of microbes within the sockliner and will keep feet fresh all day long.

Magnum intends to commercialise the new brown Scorpion and are planning to bring it to market later this year.  To  compliment  this  boot, Magnum are also considering commercialising the Sidewinder WPi  (marketed  last year as  ‘a  new  breed  of  combat footwear’) and its newest  elite  product,  the  Classic Tac Spec (built for speed in comfort with a traditional look), in the new brown colour.