Global footwear manufacturer and proud British company Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd, and its uniform footwear brand Magnum, are pleased to announce another successful tender win.  Over the next four years, the Magnum brand will be the official suppliers of indoor training footwear to the British MOD.

Magnum’s understanding of uniform footwear and Hi-Tec’s wealth of knowledge of sports footwear has been combined with the experience of successful sportsman Nick Matthew, 3 times World Squash Champion & 2014 Commonwealth Champion, resulting in the XTS14, a cross trainer which pushes the extremes of technological advancement.

In development for over 2 years and specifically designed and built for gym work, the XTS14 is suitable for intense indoor activities including walking, running, team & ball games, rope work, vaulting, racket sports, weight and circuit training.

Managing Director Ian Cameron says:

“Magnum are the leading global uniform footwear brand in the world, with a history of developing lightweight, athletically inspired footwear.  We are very proud to be a British brand supporting British troops with both indoor and outdoor training shoes.  Both the XTS14 and Magnum U.S.T. are great looking, highly technical, fit for purpose trainers, which are testament to the MOD’s investment in good quality equipment.

Considering the Magnum brand heritage [Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd] it was a natural progression to develop training shoes designed for the uniformed wearer.  Many uniformed personnel – from army recruits to police officers, and even security staff – are often required to meet physical fitness standards and undergo a variety of training programs.”

In 2013, parent company Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd secured a direct contract with the MOD, which resulted in the Magnum U.S.T. outdoor trainer gaining a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) stock number.

In 2012, The Iturri group also won a slice of the MOD’s £80million contract to kit out British troops with five styles of state-of-the-art combat boots to meet the demands of different types of operation.  Iturri were successful in their tender with a boot manufactured by the proud British brand Magnum (under the parent company Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd), supplying one type of boot to the UK armed forces, a Magnum Lightweight Patrol boot in the new brown colour.

Furthermore, the beginning of 2013 saw Hi-Tec Sports UK Ltd secure a contract to supply heavy duty Magnum combat boots to the Danish Military.