With the recent news about Cecil the lion being illegally targeted by hunters, Magnum are extremely proud to support the The Black Mamba's, a group of heroic women who have dedicated their time to stop hunters and poachers and protect rhinos in Africa. This is a cause that the Magnum Chairman, Frank van Wezel, holds very close to his heart and with the recent events, we are proud to support such a worth while cause. Magnum have included a protect the rhino swing tag on ALL FOOTWEAR, providing information on this deserving group.

The Black Mambas, an all female force team protecting rhinos and other endangered species in the Olifants West Region, have walked away with BEST CONSERVATION PRACTITIONER at the 2015 Rhino Conservation Awards.

Since 2012 the annual Rhino Conservation Awards have served to recognise the remarkable individuals and organisations that protect Africa’s rhino population.

The Black Mamba APU was founded in 2013 to protect the Olifants West Region of Balule Nature Reserve from Poaching and has since expanded to cover the entire Balule area, 400km². They were nominated for the category Best Conservation Practitioner of the year. This category includes any person who is working full-time in the conservation field and fighting rhino poaching through protected area management, intelligence gathering and strategic anti-poaching operation management.

Amy Clark of Olifants West Nature Reserve team says "We are extremely proud of our ladies and would to thank everyone for your continued support. As you all know times have been very hard lately, but we will continue to fight back and move forward!!"

Congratulations Black Mamba team, Magnum will continue to support this amazing group that protect the rhinos in Africa.