Magnum Classic Men's & Women's Uniform Boots

Magnum Classic Men's & Women's Uniform Boots
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The Magnum Classic is exactly what it says - A Magnum Classic! A long time favourite among Magnum fans, this men's and women's uniform boot is comfortable, breathable and durable.

Featuring a durable leather upper with hard-wearing breathable mesh panels and durable rustproof hardware. The fast wicking lining for moisture management and soft suede padded collar add comfort. Further comfort is added with the shock absorbing EVA insole and EVA midsole which provides underfoot cushioning. While the SRA high traction rubber outsole is designed for maximum grip to keep you grounded.

Tested & certified to European Standard EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA, these uniform boots are a popular choice for professional and leisure wear. A great choice for police, security, office workers, walkers and more.
  • Durable leather upper with hardwearing breathable mesh panels
  • Padded collar and tongue for comfort
  • Durable rustproof hardware
  • Fast wicking lining for moisture management & comfort
  • EVA insole for shock absorption & comfort
  • EVA midsole for underfoot comfort
  • High traction rubber outsole designed for maximum grip
  • Tested & certified to European Standard EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA
  • Weight: 0.580KG

Magnum Classic Men's & Women's Uniform Boots

These boots are in a famous game.

By Stephen Thomas on 27/05/2018

After a long time looking at these boots I have come to believe these boots are from the critically acclaimed horror game "Resident Evil 4" I wish I could add a image to show my findings. Not even... Read More

Classic Longevity

By Andy Angus on 22/04/2018

My first pair lasted 10 years, my second pair 8. I changed over to 2 x different pairs of Magnum boots last year Classic CEN and Panther and both pairs lasted only a matter of months. Both pairs suffered the... Read More

magnum classic

By philip morgan on 07/09/2017

These boots are shocking compared to the originals I have always bought. The Classic CEN were cut completely differently. These new ones are too deep, from the sole of your foot, to the upper at the bottom of the laces... Read More

Not your average boot

By Tim Wetter on 11/06/2017

Maybe it's unfair for me to write a review knowing that i'm bias towards Magnum boots, but my bias is from the years and years of faultless use (apart from one pair which failed on day 2, but that was... Read More

Don't waste your time or money on anything else.

By Jon on 02/06/2017

These are incredible boots. I wasn't sure whether I was making the right decision to buy a pair of these Classic Magnums or invest in a pair of more expensive, ultra trendy brands that come with a life story. The fact... Read More

Not overly impressed

By Kev on 07/02/2017

The overall build quality is good, however, the leather above the heel splits if worn on a day to day basis ! I have always used Magnum boots almost all of my working life, but, this I find very disappointing... Read More

Oustanding in all environments

By Mike on 22/05/2016

One pair since the early 90s has seen mountain environments, tropical rain forests, +48C deserts to -27C in a Russia winter. This boot has taken everything I've thrown at it and it still wants more. Comfy as hell from day... Read More


By Markus on 24/02/2016

I bought a pair if these magnum classics after reading and hearing this is magnums best selling and favourite boots sold. They felt great for the first week, however. After around the 4 week mark I started to have problems with... Read More

Bring back to the U.S.

By Chris on 02/12/2015

Hands down the best boots I have ever worn. Been wearing original Magnum Hi Tech's since the early 90s, but they are now discontinued in the U.S. I tried the viper and other Magnum boots sold in the states, but... Read More

Great footwear

By Mary Eastwell on 25/11/2015

I bought a pair of classic Magnum Boots for my daughter and she said they are really comfortable and suitable for her purpose. She liked them so much her daughter wanted some so I have just ordered her a pair... Read More

Tour of duty

By Marcus zost on 06/10/2015

Where do I start? The comfort? The safety? The realiability? I think I it should be the end... Sadly the boots have been hung up for retirement as they have been worn out. But they were defiant to the end... Read More

Just the job!

By James Edwards on 06/10/2015

I've been wearing Magnum Classics for the last 8 years in my current job and they are regularly (every year or so) replaced just due to being on the go all the time! I'm always impressed that I can just... Read More

Classic Quality

By Scott on 25/07/2015

After 30 years experience of boots starting with policing and having only DM's to wear the Magnum boot was exactly what was needed. Exceptional in every way and never any issues with comfort or quality. Now on my sixth pair... Read More

Great buy, great value

By Roy Fernley on 22/07/2015

I had a pair of these in the late 90s. One migration, two divorces and numerous house moves resulted in my losing them. Now I'm back at work in an environment where I need solid comfortable footwear that... Read More


By Conor Hicki on 24/05/2015

Had these boots for 6 months now. They are still extremely comfortable and offer lots of support and the rain just runs off of them. Your feet will keep dry when it's chucking it down outside and your feet will... Read More


By Conor on 02/01/2015

They are fantastic. The best boots I have ever owned. I use them for my Policing, college and my walking which I do regularly. They keep my feet nice and dry and offer a lot of support, they are very... Read More

very comfortable

By Gary Drury on 01/08/2014

Very quickly delivery and what better but excellent packaging! Very neat and tidy just so it should be very professional. Unboxing.. Again neat and tidy no damage rips or tears to box but smoke passing from out under the box... Read More

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