Designed In The Field

Here at Magnum we know how important your footwear is to you and our objective is to provide the best footwear we can, in order to allow you to be the best at whatever you do!

Our Tactical Advisor

Helping our Magnum product team is Magnums Tactical Advisor, who not only works with us but also with the people whose opinions really matter - YOU!

Our Tactical advisor provides us with crucial feedback on not only current products but also development products, which helps us to ensure our boots are designed specifically for your needs.

Field Intelligence

Every Magnum product is designed with a specific end-user in mind. Our Field Intelligence section allows you to experience the various sectors we provide Magnum products for, including: The Police, Paramedics, Security personnel, the Military & Special Operations.

Within each sector you will find products, case studies, reviews and also which of our official Field Testers are from this particular sector.