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I’ve been a security guard for a few months now and to begin with it was a job I never wanted...

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Edward Cooney

I work in the NHS security Industry as a security officer. As I walk alot of miles in and around the site I rely on having good boots such as Magnums.



UK Operations Manager for a leading Event Support Company Watch this space for reviews on boots new and old! Latest Published: Stealth Force 8 (Without IM) Latest Submitted: Elite Force WPi (With IM)



Over 10 yrs in the Security industry.


Your feet are some of the most valuable tools you own. They support your during long, hard days, so we've designed our safety footwear to keep your feet in good condition. Our sockliners are the most comfortable around.
These boots are all resistant to electrical hazards, and have safety toes approved by ASTM testing (and exceed European safety standards as well). Choose a boot with a composite toe (or "CT") to get all the protection of steel without the added weight.

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