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  • First Boot, First Class
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    By Hollz 3/pm/2013

    Length of Time Owned: 3 years
    Used For: Farm Work, CS95 Uniform, General Use

    These boots are responsible for my love of the Magnum brand.
    When I bought them, I was hoping they would be a lot more comfortable than my Dr Martens which I wore everywhere, but would wear down in about 1 year.

    boy, was I surprised.

    They fitted like a sock, albeit a little tough at first, but once they were broken in, they were incredibly comfortable, no blisters to report.

    I found myself working on the family farm after a while, cutting wood for the fire in the winter, milking the goats, and helping put the new hay bales in the barn.
    The boots were incredibly durable, many a log was dropped on them and plenty of goats trod on them. the boot suffered only minor scratches, and creases and my feet were never hurt, and after being washed and polished the boot was back to work.
    there were many a time where I was having to walk the dog and run after escaping goats, these boots were brilliant for the job, they are light, tight and stable. I would pick these over wellies any day, unless it was raining, they arent waterproof and can be an absolute pain to clean mud from.

    I used to wear them to school as well, obviously because they were black and fit uniform standards if I was in trousers. their polish friendly toecap meant that I could polish over scuffs and keep them looking nice and shiny.
    the walk up to school was made more comfortable by them and they seemed to never wear down at the sole.

    While on Cadet parade, I used to use these on CS95 uniform nights, as i found the Elite spider 8.0 boots I bought later on were too grippy, they were easy to turn in and incredibly comfortable to stand for ages in if the Warrant officer was in a bad mood. I saw many imitations from other boot brands, but nothing could ever equal them. there were many times where we were doing something that put the boot to the test, and they stood up to the challenge. everyone else was having problems with their boots falling to pieces after a few months, but mine were still going strong.

    After the 3rd year, though, I noticed that there was a split in the leather near the laces. I disregarded it as something i must've done by accident, however, an almost identical one appeared on the other boot. more worry came as I noticed they were getting bigger.
    this was the fundamental issue I had with the classic CEN boot.
    In the end, I gave these to my best friend, last time I met up with him, they were still on him, and looking very good, if a little worn out and squeaky.

    I'm preparing to buy the Classic Sidezip at the moment, I could do with a little nostalgia.


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