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A key feature of this boot is Magnum's unique Fast Rope System. By incorporating the Exo-frame build on the sole and arch, combined with the beaded polymer SuperFabric®, our Fast Rope System reduces any friction and melt that typically occurs on a fast rope descent. From Magnum's research and testing with SWAT teams, a typical boot can last approximately two runs with noticeable damage caused on the boot. With Magnum's Fast Rope System, our field testers experienced an average of 50 runs before any noticeable damage occurs.

This boot also features Magnum's patent-pending Vent-Guard™ system in the front of the toe box. This technology allows air to flow in and out of the toe box, while simultaneously blocking any outside debris from coming in. This cooling aid saves the end user from foot fatigue and maintains breathability at all times.

Applied inside a plasma chamber, the ion-mask™ treatment binds invisibly to the boot's surface and fibers, resulting in extraordinary benefits without affecting the look, feel, or breathability of the boot. The technology gives our footwear excellent liquid repellency, which stops external water, blood pathogens and chemicals from getting in – while allowing perspiration to escape. Unlike membrane technologies, ion-mask™ is not a physical barrier, so it delivers the full natural airflow as well as reducing unnecessary weight.

Additional features include a locking cleat in the third position, which prevents the laces from loosening up and provides ultimate foot stability. Magnum's exclusive Spider outsole with reinforced stabilizers keeps you steady and agile, while built-in flexible toe fins let you silently stick to walls. See all the other features.

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Looking for a polishable toe? Trade the Vent-Guard for beautiful uniform-ready leather and you have the Spider 8.1 Urban. You play in sandboxes? The Spider 8.1 Tac Spec HPi comes in Desert Tan, but we just call it the Spider 8.1 HPi.