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  • Smart and practical

    By SM74 15/03/am

    Not your first choice for dress wear but I actually bought a pair of Active Duty on the back of being so impressed with Magnum's quality of other boots I own. A strange choice for smart shoes for wearing casually but given a lick of polish and complimented with a smart pair of trousers, the Active Duty gave my £200 Oliver Sweeny's a run for their money. Better still, due to the construction of Magnum's sole on this product, I don't feel like I'm skating on ice if the inderside's get wet. If you take into account the fact that if you were to pay a decent amount of money for a quality shoe, it would more than likely have a leather sole (hence the slippery grip), this point becomes more valid.

    They didn't take any breaking in at all and were comfortable enough having worn them straight out of the box from 8am until the small hours of the following day for my brother's wedding.


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