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  • My first ever week of Magnum boot ownership

    By Nick 29/11/pm

    Who do you think I am? Military? Police? No, a student! Yes, Im a student at Lancaster University, UK and I have bought my first pair of Magnum boots.
    I haven't got round to testing them to the extreme, but I thought I'd share my experiences of the first week of my Magnum Classics.

    Friday: I had been looking for a good pair of boots that were waterproof, to wear as day to day and work boots. It was not until I went shopping and found Magnums in a well known high street outdoor store that I thought I would try them on after seeing them on the internet. I had put off trying other shoes because of their cost (most were well over £75) and also because of their everyday comfort. As soon as I had put the boots on, they immediately felt comfortable and supportive. As soon as I got them home, I tried them on, and ended up wearing them for the rest of the night.

    Saturday: Only wore them for a few hours, but already they have started to soften up a bit, as they have started to wear in?. After tying them up quite tight, I was worried that they might rub, but they gave me nothing but comfort and support.

    Tuesday: The weather started to get really bad here, raining throughout the night and causing severe floods in parts of the Lake District. Wore my boots to my lectures, and finally managed to get them muddy, so they didn't look brand new anymore.

    Wednesday: One of my friends commented on my smartness; I had black trousers, a black overcoat and my new boots on. Smart and rugged.
    Thursday: For the third consecutive day now I have worn my boots for over 12 hours at a time. Still they remain to be comfortable and don't rub. I was walking out the back door from one of my labs today, and forced down a wet, sloping, slippery path. Expecting to slip or slide, my boots gave me excellent traction, and I didn't slip over and end up looking like a right fool!

    Friday: The week has now passed and I have nothing but praise for my new Magnum boots. I am pretty sure I will be buying some more at some point, and I intend to spread the word about their quality.

    I would just like to say that I am not writing this just for free boots, nor would I appreciate it if you considered me as just another student looking for free stuff. These experiences are genuine, and if you don't believe me I suggest you get your own pair of Magnums.


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