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    By Liam 12/03/pm

    I am one of those people with a knack - a knack for wearing down footwear. I knew that when I joined the police it was possibly going to cost me money which I didn't really have.

    I had to get good boots and Magnum was the recurring name. I didn't have much money and found a good priced pair of Magnum Classics which I quickly bought.

    I enjoy the higher leg rather than ankle boot so these seemed ideal, I am able to tie my own laces so wasn't concerned about a zip. What really mattered was comfort. I would pay for a new pair every 4 months if they were comfortable. I couldn't do this job with blisters the size of fifty pences on my heels!

    These were unbelievable. No need to water them on a day off to break them in - they really were like comfy trainers, just a little away from slipper comfort.

    The ratio of material that was hard where needed and softer by the ankle and achilles was spot on and my trousers never got caught on the back - personal thing but I hate it...

    I can safely say they kept me dry and comfortable when walking and stood up to rigurs of standing still for hours and even chasing people.

    They polished well and the only thing I didn't do was bull them - I have others for that and will be in another review.

    I said I go through footwear quick and I expected to need new boots every 4 months-ish. I found the receipt the other day and that's what prompted me to review them. I no longer have them but I did have them for 2 years, 7 months and 16 days. It worked out as roughly 0.057 pence per day. Not bad at all.

    Enjoy your boots!


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