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  • Brilliant Boots

    By Lucy 13/12/R

    I'm a member of the Army Cadet Force and have been using the Classic Cen boots for just over a year. I have found the boots absoloutely brilliant to wear and are high on the comfort scale.

    I've had three pairs of boots during my cadet career, and the only pair not to give me blisters are the Classic Cen, which helped me to decide that these would become my field boots, as that is when you most need comfortable boots. During expeds, where we can be walking up to miles at a time up and down hills, these really are the best boots to wear seeing as they are comfortable, have good grip and can withstand the terrain and weather.

    Unfortunately the Classic Cen boots don't shine as nicely as the Army Standard Issue Boots and dont meet the standards of the Drill squad and so I can't wear them for parades, which is unfortunate because the Issue boots arn't as comfortable.

    The boots are easy to lace up and are light which is another benefit especially when I need to carry them in my bergan (However they're mainly the boots I wear, so thats not often)

    Overall i would reccommend the Classic Cen boots to anyone looking for a pair of boots that are long lasting, provide great comfort, and can withstand sun or rain, mud or snow, who want a light pair of boots that are easy to lace and all round brilliant.