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  • Magnum Patrol ST Boot

    By DTM 05/11/2009

    Having gone through various brands of steel toecapped boots for my work within server rooms, I have always struggled to find a pair that fit, are comfortable, don't rub, and are fit for purpose. I have tried several brands from CAT to generic, and nothing has ever lasted in my collection due to either wearing out too fast, or just too uncomfortable.

    This is where I remembered back to my first pair of Magnum boots bought for my Police role, and remembered the beauty of not having to break them in. I bought a pair of the Patrol boots in the same size as my other pair, and they were perfect!

    The comfort straight out of the box was second to none, and have not rubbed in the 4 months I have worn them. I can honestly say they polish up very quickly to a clean standard (I am not trying to go for parade finish, just honest and clean) and have no tears or rips in the material. Okay, so maybe I cheated, I also bought a pair of innersoles for the shoes, but the comfort without was more than better than the competition.

    Working on some sites that are like building sites, there are many hazards. The grip on the soles are comparable to the best of the competition, and I have never felt my feet slip even on slightly oily surfaces.

    Would I reccommend the Patrol boots? As a safety boot most certainly. The price point is far better than many branded alternates, and the build quality again is second to none. They feel lighter than other boots I have owned, and hopefully I will never have to find out exactly how strong the steel toes are!

    My only downside is that the shape of the boot takes a short while to get used to as I have only worn full boots or shoes, but with the 45 degree angle at the top of the boot, it is easier to bend your ankle than other boots.

    Truely an amazing boot, my next purchase will definitely include Magnum in the shortlist!


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