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  • Classic Tac Spec
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    By Nick 19/11/2012

    I have just received a pair of the new Classic Tac Spec boots. These are a brand new design for Magnum.
    On receipt of the box, i had to give it a shake to make sure there was something in the box, these boots are extremely light weight.
    On opening the box I was impressed by the look of the boots. They have a somewhat Fanned arcadia look to them, they have a half leather, half cordura build. There are padded sections to the ankles to prevent impact injuries to the ankle bones which is a nice touch.
    The laces extend further down the boot, towards the toebox to give a secure fit. It has standard lace eyelets, no quick lacing system.
    At the back of the heel, where the boot would crease, there is a cutaway section in the leather and replaced with a suede section which aids in comfort.
    The inner soles are the new ortholite system which seem comfortable from the first wear.
    I was surprised to see that they moved away from home designed soles and installed Vibram soles, this instills more confidence in the boot.
    I can't comment on durability at this time as i havent had a chance to put the boots through their paces, but wearing them around the house and an evening with my army cadets proved that they are immediately comfortable, with no breaking in.
    I'm intending to wear these boots daily, on patrol duties at work. I'm also looking to use them for army cadet evenings, which includes using them for fieldcraft etc. Due to the weight of the boots, I will definately use them for paintball, and they will get a proper run at the three 3 day urban games my team is playing in early next year. I will then update my review, i have high hopes for these boots.


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