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  • Magnum Classics, The original

    By 18/11/2009

    I first heard about Magnum boots from my local army surplus and camping store. At first I wasn’t keen on the idea, having worn standard British army boots and not getting on well with the lack of comfort. However, a year or so later I’d worn out my previous walking shoes and wanted something more supportive but yet supple enough to run in. Reading sparkling reviews online from enthusiastic owners I decided to give the Magnum classic full leather boot a try.

    I normally had problems getting a boot or shoe to fit my foot and then wearing them in for a month or two. To my surprise, after a little walk around my house and surrounding areas the magnums fitted nicely, with great support and freedom at the same time. The full leather means they’re great for all the long grass, mud and wet conditions I walk in and they clean so easily. All you need is to use the original Nikwax (the solid stuff) to cover the boot and then heat it slightly with a hairdryer to allow the leather to absorb it. I treated them once and they didn’t have a problem for months. The sole, though obviously originally designed for urban areas and not woods, gives great grip in most conditions and only really having a problem in very boggy areas. The plastic formed toes caps work well at stopping stubbed toes and allow the boot to be light enough to wear all day. I’m not sure about the plastic formed piece at the heel, I wear thick socks in these boots and it didn’t cause a problem but with thinner ones it might perhaps be annoying. The idea that you can buy steel toed ones of these is great as I need to use safety shoes for work and would mean I don’t have to buy loads of different shoes for every occasion. After a good 2 or 3 years of abuse mine are still going, (the leather is still great but as with all boots and shoes the sole is wearing). A testament to how ruggedly they are made.


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