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  • Feedback on Magnum Stealths 6"

    By Jason 11/11/2009

    I have owned a pair of these for over 2 years now. I am a Police Officer and wear these daily at work. To me, these boots feel as comfortable as trainers now, they have held up against all weather conditions and some very nasty surfaces that I have walked on (we're talking the tops of fences lined with barbed wire, smashed glass, various bodily fluids!).

    Amazingly I haven't even needed to change the laces yet, I can honestly say that the only thing I am considering is a new pair of insoles (however this would be the case with any boots after 2 years)

    I'm not the type of officer who bulls his boots on a regular basis, but I do keep then clean and with a layer of two of polish and to me they still look good as new.

    The pair I purchased come with side zips, these are great for a fast release, and also when on foot in hot weather you can leave the zip half open and get some much needed ventilation to your feet.

    Overall, I would recomend Magnums to any serving or prospective Police Officer.


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