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  • Heavy use for 6 months 12 mile a day trailing 500kg laden pallet trucks
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    By Andi666 02/01/2013

    First of all, spot on, these are great.
    But I feel they have to be changed more regularly depending on the type of job that you do, how heavy you are, and if you have walking issues, for example, flat feet etc etc.

    If you were constantly walking in your safety footwear that you will need to change at least every six months depending on your weight, as I'm 19 stone and maybe this needs taking into consideration. I wore mine out in 4-5 months as the balls where joints in my feet are wore holes in the top part of the fabric eventually causing blisters but my job is demanding while on feet constantly back and forth in successions, and may be the reason they wore quicker.

    Also as lighter loads will be less stress, which is maybe where they maybe needed to add weight related advise to the items, for length of time they should last, and what is thought to be the average nominal weight the item should endure every day, before needing changing for new ones, as this time may reduce for heavier people, to stop complaints that the item does not last, and not letting the supplier know they were grossly overweight, and is more than likely the reason they wore out quickly and not the product.

    So yes, very good product, highly recommended, and will purchase again and again, as I now know its not time for a new boot, it's time for new liners.

    Thanks for reading and maybe this will help, also I have tried cheaper liners and they are just that...


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