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  • MAGNUM Elite Force 8.0 WPi

    By Pete 06/11/2009


    I was issued a pair of these by Police Oracle magazine after answering an advert regarding footwear testers on Fantastic piece of kit and it has been a delight wearing them for the past 2 months. The reviews that i have already submitted are attached below. I am very interested in becoming a permanent tester for Magnum footwear.


    REVIEW 1 - As previously mentioned i was one of the lucky ones to receive a pair of the Size 11 Magnum Force WPi 8.0 boots to try out. I returned to work last Thursday and have worn them for three shifts. For the last year i have been wearing a boot popular with the Army etc, a Jolly boot if any of your are aware of it.

    The Magnum Force WPi 8.0 are extremely comfotable and i feel as if my feet have so much room to move and breathe while wearing them. I did a fair bit of walking on Thursday and the boots felt extremely light, as if i was wearing a pair of trainers. I would be quite confident in saying that if they were to be worn for a long period of time i.e. scene guard they would provide adequate comfort. They look very smart and hard wearing and have brought numerous comments from shift members about where i got them from.

    Due to an emergency call, i had to run a fair distance today and i again would like to stress how light these boots feel. To sum up, i would recommend these boots to anyone thinking about them for their next pair and can quite safely say that my Jolly boots will be kept for my Public Order courses.

    REVIEW 2 - Time for another review of these wonderful boots! I am not sure if it is coincedence but ever since i got these i seem to be chasing folk all the time! One which involved down stairs through a field and up into a close then into a garden, then it was over! In my older PO type boots i would have had no chance, but the Size 11 Magnum Force WPi 8.0 made me feel as if i was running in trainers, much to the amazement of our customer.

    I am extremely happy with the boots and i also had the pleasure of being out in the rain walking last week and pleased to say that they did not let one bit of rain. I'm from Scotland so you know it was heavy rain! The only slight criticism i have of the boots is that the laces could be of a different type, they are like cords from hooded tops......

    All in all, superb boots and a pleasure to be trying them out.


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