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    By Oleg 21/10/2012

    My use: Mostly just walking on concrete.

    Sole: Amazingly slip resistant, I have full confidence when walking over wet/algae covered wood/metal/concrete. However this is a trade-off as the sole wears more quickly. Approx from the original 5mm to 2mm tread over 4 seasons use (autumn & winter x2). I think that Magnum needs to tinker with the slip resistance v wear ratio.

    Note: I think that when the sole was made it did not set as one solid form, thus it seems to layer off and rip into itself. This is a minor problem , but needs to be sorted out by Magnum, as it increases the speed of wear.

    Inner: Heel wear is unavoidable, by minimal. The big toe nail is creating wear but that will be different from person to person. Other than that most of the lining still retains its shape and is as good as new. Even after two years of use the boots are still odourless.

    Note: Under the insole at the ball of the foot, both boots have holes worn down to the rubber sole. This is because for some reason the lining at the ball of the foot is made out of softer material. The older version did not have this problem as the lining was the same. I do not know why Magnum did this, as it does not affect the flexibility/comfort of the boots.

    Insole: Perfect, no wear what so ever, a great improvement from the older version.

    Water resistance: Still perfect.

    Outer: The stitching is still in its original condition. I do a lot of kneeling, which creates a lot of tension on the boots but the sole is still in full contact with the rest of the boots. Still polish up great.

    Comfort: Very light, but very strong and supportive. Got to love the outer heel guard. Feel very confident in these boots.

    Fit: These are not shoes, these are boots, so you will always feel more comfortable with 1 thick or 2 thin pairs of socks. However, feel confident in buying over the internet the same size that you are, as a size 9 with always be and feel like a size 9.

    Final thoughts: The design and look of the boots is brilliant, and I think they are the best looking boots out there. However, I think Magnum needs to make the sole last longer, This will mean lowering the slip resistance but I think there is wiggle room in this regard.

    For a more in-depth overview of the boots please view my previous reviews.


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