Stately Security

Stately Security

I’ve been a security guard for a few months now and to begin with it was a job I never wanted to do but was forced to do due to circumstances. I’d been unemployed for months following redundancy (I’m a steel-worker by trade) and was struggling to keep hold of the house and make our monthly repayments on the mortgage. The worry was immense and my wife and kids suffered from not only the lack of money that we had to live on, but also from my depression and dented confidence – it’s no doubt a common story during difficult financial times.

Still, we’re starting to get back on our feet now. My wife also has a new job (our youngest son has started school) and whilst we’re clearly not earning bankers’ money, we’re getting by and starting to clear some fairly huge debts.

Also, my job is better than I’d imagined as well. I work on a fairly small private estate that has historical importance but is in fact a fairly ‘low-key’ stately home in South Yorkshire (when compared to somewhere like Chatsworth House for example). My role has a sort of dual purpose and so you can find me walking the grounds and the perimeter of the estate watching out for any untoward trespassing as well as keeping an eye on any problems like fences that have been burrowed under by rabbits or for signs of foxes. This is really important because the estate keeps a selection of rare breed hens, which, as everyone knows, is every fox’s favourite dinner. I then report my findings to the head ground keeper who’ll be able to do the work to rectify the situation.

So, you see, I’m back on my feet in more ways than one and can be found to have often walked up to anything between twenty to twenty-five miles in a day. I wear Magnum boots because first and foremost they are comfortable and water tight, but also because they have a great reputation for wearing well. The last thing my wife and I need at the moment is cheap shoddy footwear that needs replacing at further expense.

Fortunately, the estate helped me meet half the cost of my Magnum boots. I think because my new employers felt happy to invest in me like this, I’ve enjoyed doing my job more than I thought I would. So hopefully, there’ll be happier times ahead now!

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