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    By gregory 03/b/BST

    we were issued with this boot and it is used for general car park and hospital patroleing in all weathers so we put a lot of miles on these.

    first off thay are supposed to keep your feet cool by wicking away sweat but no this dosnt work in the summer we all sufer from hot sweety feet but the same can be said of meny other boots.

    the second fault or problem we all have encounterd is running to a incident from a wet car park to the hospital corridoors oftern results in us slipping around untill the water has dryd off from the sole from that point on thay grip very well.

    also the insole of the boots tend to harden with wear and can be a little hard on the feet.

    i did have to return one pare of boots the fabric on the heal wore out resulting in a hole which then resulted in a blister on my heal ( i used micro poor tape to cover the hole untill my new boots arived but the same thing has happend againe. ( i still have the boots )

    this has happend to both pares that i wear.

    on the plus side
    thay have only let water in once and that was when we had a sever snow and had to try to clear roads to help free stuck cars the boots got so wet thay were saturated inside and out.
    but in general wet weather thay havent let me down.

    the soles grip very well in the dry and in the wet ( see above for the bad point)

    cosidering the amount of miles i have put on the boots the sole has lasted very well indeed.

    the leater has not cracked or ripped unlike other boots i have had.

    the point were the sole and leather upper are joind have never split or come apart again other boots have failed in this point.

    the tonge an fabric sides have also lasted very well no rips or tears as has the ankle padding.

    no eyes have come apart or pulled out again other boots have faild in this area.

    i have rated durability as 5 and thay deserve this

    fit is also a 5 very good fit

    comfort 3 due to the insole and heal problems with the 3 sets of boots failing in this area

    fit for use 3 the main problem is running from wet to dry and slipping .

    if the faults outlined were sorted you could not wish for a better boot for the sort of work i carry out .


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