Increasing Value as a Tradeshow Visitor



Most people have a favourite brand that they swear by, especially when it comes to something as personal as your day to day choice of footwear. And getting closer to that specific brand is a great way for you to increase the value you receive from them. Tradeshows are a great means for you to come in contact with said brand and gain valuable information and support.
This was the case for Magnum at the Nuremberg based IWA and Enforcetac in March, where our team exhibited the latest products and met some of our customers face to face. It always gives us great pleasure to talk to our clients and receive a deeper insight into your reviews and opinions about our boots.


All companies thrive on constructive feedback, which is especially important when it comes to the comfort of your feet. That is why we highly encourage communication with our product users. If you’re planning on visiting our booth at the next tradeshows, keep in mind a few questions worth asking:


1.       Magnum always incorporate new exciting technologies and materials in new, fit for purpose footwear. It’s always a plus to ask for more information on our innovations from the Magnum booth staff. This gives you a better perspective on what we offer and how we can meet your footwear needs.

2.       Bring up any issues you have with your current footwear, even if it is from a different brand. We might just have that better, lightweight product that will help ease your pain, weigh you down a lot less or simply better protect your feet against humidity.

3.       Any outstanding issues you’ve had with our product are also worth bringing to the attention of the staff. They might not be able to solve your problem on the spot, but they will advise you on how best to follow-up and make sure it is taken care of.

4.       If you have an idea on how to improve a long standing favourite boot, it might be worthwhile to bring it to the attention of the sales people. You never know when your dream product will be turned into reality.


And last but not least:

5.       If you have a rave review about a specific product, make sure the staff on the booth hears it. We are excited to find which products are the most popular straight from our users and love it when our consumers seem to know as much about our products as we do.


It’s always useful to visit your favourite brand at a tradeshow and meet the people that can improve your experience. We look forward to seeing you at  Expoprotection Paris where Magnum will be exhibiting in November. 


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