Best Military Boots for Your Summer Activities


Hot weather presents a very specific set of conditions, especially if you add increased humidity to soaring temperatures. That makes strenuous physical activities more challenging, which means you need even more support from your footwear, especially if you don’t want to or can’t part with your boots. Breathability, moisture wicking and insulation against excessive heat are what will carry you through the summer, and Magnum delivers just that.

When you are hiking with a heavy backpack on rugged terrain, excessive moisture and the comfort of your feet should be the last of your concerns- after all, you need to keep moving, not worry about blisters and accidental slips. The Lynx 8.0 Desert Tan is a great choice for summer boots, providing breathability due to its suede and hardwearing breathable mesh panels upper. The fast wicking lining will keep moisture at bay, while the high traction rubber outsole with its specific tread pattern designed for maximum grip will keep you from slipping.

Another popular, lightweight summer option is the Spartan XTB in Desert or Coyote colours. With a suede and breathable mesh upper, these boots allow air to circulate, while the fast wicking lining help with moisture management and comfort. The Spartan also has drainage ports, which help move water out fast and increase breathability. They also have an anti-slip Vibram outsole, so you don’t have to worry about stability and comfort while stepping on muddy or slippery surfaces.

For all sporting activities, such as football, jogging or rowing, or if you’re a fan of indoor training, the Magnum M.U.S.T Low will be your shoe of choice. This light trainer has a durable upper, and a padded collar and tongue to keep you comfortable the whole day. Add to that an EVA insole and midsole for energy absorption and a Vibram rubber outsole, and you have the ideal durable, lightweight low shoe to carry you through summer.

Whether you’re planning for challenging physical activities in the wilderness, or just chasing a ball with your friends, you will find your perfect fit with Magnum. Whatever indoor and outdoor activities you choose this summer, Magnum will be with you every step of the way.


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