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  • Magnum Brand

    By Michael 27/11/2010

    I served in the military and worked in the security field for many years. I have always used mags because they are the most comfortable and user friendly pair of boots. I have tried others over the years but have always come back to my Mags. To this day I have always kept a spare pair of mags in the back of my jeep. I never leave home without them. Where I live there are a lot of 4X4 areas and it snows and rains quite a bit. Keeping my mags in my jeep has always been a savior. I can't count how many times I have been in an area where they were not needed. The ease of putting them on is also one of my favorite things. I love the side zippers on the boots. When I purchased my first pair years ago I used an attachment that you tied in the tongue compartment that zipped up the middle. Since then I have never purchased a pair without a zipper. I would recommend Magnums, and have by the way, to friends and family. (Even my late Gma had a pair for working in the garden, low tops of course) They are the best boots in the world. I will never use another brand again.

    HooRah!! Semper Fi!


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