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    By matt 11/05/2011

    Review Magnum Scorpion Boot (Black) 10/05/2011
    Please read in conjunction with the images that were uploaded separately on this boot, figs 1 to 11)

    Please beware the views and opinions portrait in this review are my own, it is difficult to recommend boots to an individual I don’t know, as individual tastes vary as much a one man’s feet to another in both size and shape. I may find things more comfortable than you and vice versa, but I can give you as much information as I can to help you make an informed decision.

    ********First Impressions*********
    Well I got to say I was really impressed, I have owned magnums before (CEN CLASSICS) and they didn’t really work for me, but these were sent directly to my door and were packed very well.
    On opening the box I was really impressed with both the quality and size of the boot, the smell of new leather boots always hits me. The Sole looked really good, it’s a magnum sole but it’s as tough as a jungle boot, and these almost look like Jungles Boots. But they are not.
    (See my pics Fig 1,2 ,4and 7)

    (Opening the box) (General Appearance) (Soles of the Boots)

    I have always viewed Magnums to be more like trainers but these are not trainers in any way these are boots. Yes these are really comfortable to wear in contrast to more typical Military boots and incredibly light in weight but they have been made with the ideals of boot, Ankle support, hard wearing sole, high leg with quick lacing system (MOD type), built and tested to NATO and MOD requirements.

    ******Choosing the Boot for YOU!***************
    When it comes to boots be sure you know what you want to use them for, no one is the same as the other (unless you buy the same model “AND EVEN THEN THERE CAN BE DIFFERENCES”).
    You need to know what you intend to do, how you wish to use them, As an Assault boot, Mountain Boot, tab/yomp boot, General Duties/Barrack etc.
    Not all boots will tick every box; boots tend to be made to cope with several backgrounds in mind namely (Military Types) Assault and Tabbing (Loaded Marching), bearing in mind temperate conditions as well. (IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT MILITARY BOOTS THAT IS )

    The fit of the boot to your foot is essential, know what size you are, luckily Magnum supply boots in varying sizes including half’s and include some width variations from normal to wide etc.
    A good method, this really only works in stores but it is to make sure you have been walking about constantly for a good 15 minutes before trying on a boot. This is so your foot has naturally swollen a bit from a normal relaxed condition; ensure there is at least a finger’s space between your toe and the end of the boot. Make sure you wear a proper pair of thick walking socks and bring your own insoles if required.

    This I will leave as personal preference as it can affect the comfort of the boot to its user, The magnums have a quick lace system which is similar to the British army assault boot, just pull on the laces if you are in a hurry and the laces will lock off just about were the ankle it to give a good fit, then you can tie off or dive for cover etc.

    The Scorpion Boot has many attractive features and I will try to explain some.
    Water – Repellent Leather to reduce weight when the boot gets wet.
    Dri-lex/coolmax/ cambrelle fast wick lining which pulls and absorbs foot perspiration away from the skin.
    Agion- treated to stop odours, prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
    Light weight, shock absorbing Magnum sole – To NATO standards, which is odour free, breathable, washable and anti-bacterial.
    Low density EVA midsole and highly durable outsole offering high comfort, with protection from “print through” whilst ensuring maximum traction in all combat situations.
    Adjustable tension lace lock system, allows different “lacing” preferences dependent on the wear situation, quick “donning” and “doffing” is possible in “tactical” situations. This allows the boot to be pulled in allowing a good ankle fit. (see my uploaded pics 4,5 and 6)
    The boots themselves carry the magnum logo on them in a number of places such as the sole, tongue and inners. The tongue of the boot is stitched in all the way up to form a seal. The boot is not water proof but water repellent so a quick splash and partial immergence it can deal with but for anything longer or full immersion your feet are going to get wet.
    The sole is one piece moulded and nicely fit to the toe and heel areas, you can see all the way around following the seal between the two.
    Inside you can see the cambrelle/cool max wick (breathable lining).
    All the stitching is really well done and the laces have metal eyelets so they won’t tear out. (Which is essential for a field boot)

    The boots themselves when compared against a standard pair of MOD issue are on 2/3 the weight, these measurement are my own and cannot be vouched for. I used both digital analogue scales to compare each pair.
    Current issue Assault boot 2.016 kg
    Magnum Scorpion 1.86 Kg
    Which makes for a really light boot, The best is that all the weight is in the sole. Also the scorpions can be easily folded up nicely and placed away which a common leather boot cannot; WHICH IS A BONUS WHEN YOUR ON A LONGRANGE PATROL……

    I should mention that the Standard issue boot is a general all leather boot and not a direct comparison. (see my uploaded image Fig 7), I have not compared this boots to any one specific type as that would not be fair.
    The sole looks very good, I nice strong tread patter to aid with traction, but it does pick up stones so at night on the all important CTR you may wish to check the bottom if your crossing tarmac/concrete etc. The sole itself if very strong and rigid which surprised me at first again associating back to the classic range.
    The test/using (See my uploaded image fig 8)So once I had done my visual evaluation of the boot and impressed as much as I was I decided the only way to properly test was to get straight in to it and put them on, grab my Bergen and go out for a good old 8 mile tab (loaded march/ a lot quick than walking pace).
    This was done without breaking in the boots, I wanted to see the real value of them. I tend to consider myself to have pretty good feet and fairly good ankles, and generally only get hot spots, and this pair proved no different, I had a decent pair of thick socks on for this which is essential.
    I found that the boot gave me more support in and around the ankle than I thought it would, and found that I almost had a spring in my step especially when running, I am convinced this was down to the insoles and make up of the sole. Which I thought were very good and supported my foot well.
    The only slight concerns I had was on grip, the boot does well but I found for some reason on wet grass it was a little slippy. Gravel, tarmac, rocks/rubble and other un-even surfaces were all fine and the boot was quite breathable as well, I decided to do a bit of hill climbing during my tab and was surprised to find how well these boots coped with this as well.
    The boots held up well, and after a quick inspection found no defects except that the sole of the boot had started very gently to wear on the heel, at the seams had stayed intact and the leather had stated to break in nicely across the toe, I feel I need to give these boots a few more miles before I can say that they do the job, so stand by for more updates.
    These boots are for temperate to warm use, they are not gortex and have no insulation, 3 season max as I really would not wear these in winter. Also these are not a mountain boots, good for patrols, crossing rough ground (careful with the cabbage heads up on the moores) and they do give a little support but you need to have good healthy ankles, if you have had injuries these may not be for you.

    (Pics after the tab Figs 9,10 and 11)

    Conclusion to date / Pro / Cons
    If I were to buy at the moment I would say ok, I am very carful with my cash and will only buy if I am sure it can do the job, I have seen these advertised for around £66 (Internet – NEW”) which I think is fair
    So far they seem well constructed and I am keeping my eye on the heel area, good leather reinforced stitching / comfort lining, light and agile. A good boot for summer use, Very sturdy, the sole is really tough and should last.

    Not really much to say other than pick, I would buy a pair.
    Its not and all weather boot.
    It could be even lighter.

    Watch out for my future reviews, hope you found this helpful, MATT



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