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    By Christian 27/03/2011

    Since mid-2006 I have been wearing Magnum's 'Classic Cen'

    Similar boots need 'breaking in' 'wearing in' etc. There's me, thinking the boots will take "AGES" to get comfortable...... you could never be so wrong.

    After a couple minutes, laces done up throughly and they are ready to go with no hassle of walking round waiting for them to get comfy!

    My Classic Gens were then put through there paces in the mud/sand/snow and still are to this day!

    Mud: They get muddy, oh yes there certainly do! but very, very easy to clean. These boots have been caked in mud so bad that they were mistaken for a dark camo.

    Sand: No, not quite the sands of the middle east (yet) but the sands in Cyprus. Its windy, there's sand blowing in your face and your boots are taking a battering. Where every grain is trying to seep through. But not these boots, they have a neat little piece of material between the laces and the tougnue which stops sand seeping through! No sand inside!.

    Snow/Ice/Water: You saw those cold days were the snow was blocking the roads and the only way was by foot? Don on these boots and you have warm, comfotable & waterproof boots which you can rely on! You saw that pavement? looks slippy doesnt it? well not today, these rubber soles have a sturdy grip which stops you from losing the ground beneth you!

    These boots have been everywhere with me, they have been on the hills, in the streams and on the parade ground. (even flying) I have even recommended anyone I knwo who is out to buy boots to get a pair of these and they really are the best boots I have ever worn and the Magums can only get better.

    comfortable, warm, durable and tick all the boxes!

    They will never let you down.


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