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  • The 'Classic'

    By Johnathan 22/01/2011

    The Magnum Classic is a very basic day-to-day boot that provides well for a ‘bobby on the beat’.

    Joining the world of Law Enforcement in 2007, the Magnum Classic was recommended to me by my colleagues to be, and apparently to the majority of my fellow probationary Officers on my in-take! For a first boot, it was suitable as an all-rounder and served me well whilst at Police College as it polishes well with a bit of dedication and holds its look.

    Protection wasn’t too much of a concern at this stage in my career so I was satisfied with the comfort and look provided. I didn’t know what to expect entering into the real world of modern day Policing so I was more than happy investing in this very cheap product instead of buying inappropriate footwear or overcompensating by buying something that would be a bit too much for general duties.

    The Magnum Classic is very lightweight and practical, but sacrifices protection in its construction. The boot is sturdy and to this day maintains its integrity with no separations between the leather and sole. I eventually had to replace my boot due to wearing of the sole, but that is purely due to the requirements of the job and was to be expected. I still however have the boots for mundane tasks out of work, now three years on.

    The product description I read boasted about the “durable lace with improved abrasion resistance” however, when the inside of the lace rings is quite sharp any lace isn’t going to last that long – this is my only gripe with the product which isn’t too bad!

    After leaving the Police College and experiencing the real world of policing for a number of months and found out what I really needed from a boot, I opted to move on to bigger and better things, seeking better protection, support and grip – staying with Magnum of course and purchasing the Magnum Elite Spider 8.0.

    As previously stated, the Magnum Classic is a good all-rounder, satisfactory first boot and provides well for a “bobby on the beat”.



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