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    By IAN 02/11/2011

    Magnum Classic CEN.
    As a photographer I find myself in some very contrasting locations, so decent boots are a must.
    My Classic’s are coming to the end of their useful life, after giving me three years of excellent and comfortable service.
    They have been worn in the wet and muddy landscape of Salisbury Plain , riot torn streets of London al the way down to walks in the local park.
    Throughout my military career and now in civilian life boots have been a major footwear choice for me, Magnum have never let me down.
    The classic boot has been the best to date by far, providing excellent value for money and most importantly comfort.
    Construction of the boot has to be said is far superior to many other manufacturers indeed these boots have outlasted a pair from another manufacturer by two thirds.
    I have experienced no issues with failure of any part of the boot including the laces they have simply worn out due to fair wear and tear.
    Today I took delivery of a pair of Spider 8.1 Urban’s a review f these to follow.
    Ian Marlow.


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