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    By David 11/12/2011

    I work for London Underground and as such wear boots for 8 hours a day, which includes long periods of standing on the spot and walking around the station.The Underground supplied boot although from a well known manufacturer (DM) made my feet feel like that of a 90 year old, so i took the decision to buy my own.A police friend of mine recomended Magnum Boots. Four years later im still buying them. My current pair being Stealth Force 6.0 leather.
    I have had these boots 2 years now and i can honestly say there the most comfatable boots ive ever owned. I have tried the zipped magnums but found the zip to be the weak link
    in the boot as after 4 months this let go leaving me with a huge gap where the rain duly soaked my feet. So for the next pair I chose the non zipped pair and after 2 years no seam has
    split the leather is still not cracked. However when it comes to the inside of the boot after aprox 1 year the insole at the toe end started to roll up. This slowly got worse until the
    whole insole came away from the rest of the boot, but after 1800 hours of sweaty feet inside what can you expect. Have to say i did superglue the sole back in and has stayed put sincewith no loss of comfort.My only other down side to this boot is the laces. I like my boots to be quite tight therefore my laces are duly pulled to accomodate this.After around 4 months of use the laces frayed then let go revealing the core of the lace. Im not sure wether anything can be done to laces as i have tried many brands and found exactly the same.

    So to sum up

    Comfort 9/10
    Quality 8/10
    Durability 9/10
    Value 8/10


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